Individual Services

Navigating the legislative requirements and just knowing what benefits are out there for you as an individual or Sole Trader can be difficult. Everyone’s requirements and needs are different which is why we strive to tailor our services to your personal situation. We have experience with hundreds of different backgrounds and industries, familial finances, retirement strategies and much more.


If you’re thinking of working abroad or not sure what your residency status is please call us to learn more. This can often cause confusion when it comes to self -assessments and tax implications for people moving in and out of the UK.

Personal Tax Planning

There are many different reliefs and allowances available for individuals when it comes to personal tax. We consider your personal circumstances to help you make the most of these, minimising your liabilities and ensuring your income & gains are taxed in the most efficient way. We can also offer an outstanding level of tax planning consultancy whether individually in a purely business sense or for your family and their future.

Retirement Strategies

We can help you put together contingencies and plans to ensure you feel prepared before, during and after retirement and that you and your family fully understand what is available to you.

Self Assessment

We advise on all aspects of personal taxation, from self assessment returns to estate planning. We offer complete self-assessment services, whether relatively straight forward tax returns or more intricate returns which include complexities such as residency or overseas global income.

Inheritance Tax

A very complex area and a very sensitive one as well. We have helped many clients plan or respond to the effects of inheritance tax and can answer queries or work through data to ensure everyone is prepared and protected on this topic.

More Information

If you have further queries or would like to talk to a member of the team about how we can help you please fill out our online enquiry form or call us for a free consultation.

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